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 Expected behaviour for players

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PostSubject: Expected behaviour for players   Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:13 am


1: If you have a problem in game, please direct your concerns to a an admin. If you are not satisfied with that admin's decisions or actions, please post your complaint in the forum.

2: Treat one another with respect both in the game and on the forums. This applies to fellow players as well as admins.

3: Follow all posted rules whenever playing on our server.

4: SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR LLAMA!! Public outbursts or inappropriate posts will be met with punishment up to and including a ban depending on severity of the offense. Nobody wants to read endless drama threads or watch two people argue every time they're on for days.


1: Make provocative statements (either in game or on forums) to incite an argument with another player or admin.. If you have an issue with a player, speak to an admin. If you have an issue with that admin, talk to Psycho. If you have an issue with Psycho, you're screwed. Play Monopoly with your Mom or something instead.

examples of such provocative statements that are unwelcome here:

"The custom maps that are on right now suck, I'm waiting for one of the good ones to come on"

"You're buddies with that person so you're obviously going to take his side"

"That/you is/are useless"

"You just complain about everything anyway"

or anything else that I deem to be blatantly inflammatory, insulting, or rude.

2: Do not argue with the admins in game. This creates an uncomfortable environment for other players. Nobody wants to play when the chat log is full of people arguing. Respect the authority of admins in the game. If you feel a decision has been made in error or deserves further examination, mention it to Psycho or protest your ban HERE. If you feel an admin has acted inappropriately (or has established a pattern of inappropriate behavior) document it, screenshot it, and submit it (P R I V A T E L Y!!!) to Psycho for review.

3: Do not talk poorly about the server in game. In other words no "this is stupid, what moron came up with this idea??" type of stuff. I welcome ALL of your feedback and opinions. Submit them to me appropriately and we can figure out the best approach. Grumble about it in game and expect to be muted and jailed.

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Expected behaviour for players
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